The Sun of Rumi: Prologue

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Rumi was a sufi mystic and poet and by looking at Dr. Gunthers book shelf and many of his poems you can see his love for Rumi’s works. Though I have not studied Rumi or even read more then a few of his poems, I can see what little I know of his words come through in Bernie’s works. In fact, if I ever post anything attributed to Bernie that actually belongs to Rumi or any of the others Bernie adopted as his teacher, it is through sheer ignorance and nothing else. With that in mind, as I have been going through Dr. G’s works, I have found several manuscripts. To my knowledge these are not published in whole, but do contain poems that show up in other works of his including a delightful set of cards called U’dabuddha oracle cards. To that end, one of the manuscripts I have come across titled “The Sun of Rumi,” looks very interesting and should be fun to explore. The adventure is going to be in trying to discern the order of the pages and if certain poems belong here or somewhere else. The manuscript was mixed with at least 50 other pages of his works and the only thing that separates the body of these texts from the others are the quality of the paper and the font used. Like any good author, Bernie repurposes and republishes poems when they fit the topic of the current project he is working on. So as I move forward and annotate these following pages with #TheSunofRumi, you, the reader may become aware that you have seen a number of these poems before.

* The picture is of Rumi the cat.


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