Bernie's Journeys

Bernie Gunther

Bernie was a dear friend of mine. He, in his way, had a tremendous influence on the direction my life took as a human, a healer and teacher. I was there when he passed on mothers day 2013. In that year I lost another close friend to the same disease that took Bernie, my own child to miscarriage, and ended the relationship with my partner due to the stresses of that loss. Until now I have grieved, fought to overcome my personal demons, and ultimately learned to deal with what was not ideal. With the arrival of my new daughter I felt like now might be a good time to share some of his hope and wisdom.

I want to share Bernie’s journey, not in a biographical fashion, but through his poems, stories and words. I may recount some anecdotes here or there along the way but mostly I want to share his words.

I am picking a funny place to do this. I will be posting these poems on my acupuncture practices website. It is easier for me to put my attention into a single site and I also think some of his funny quirky poems may lighten the hearts of people in pain or give insight to my coaching patients as they make their own personal journeys.

Bernie's journey encompasses the dawning, history and development of the new age. He has had a first hand experience with lsd, alan watts, fritz perls, ram das, esalen, bagwan rajneesh, papa ji, gangaji, eckhart tolle, tantra and advtia vedanta. He is the author of many works including Energy Ecstasy and The Enlightenment CD. Always an innovator, he conducted hundreds of workshops throughout the United States, collaborating with Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Jack Canfield, and Ram Das. He had his own special method of applying sense, awareness and gestalt into a method he called Aware/Apy

All these works will be from hand written notes he left me and will not reflect his published or copyrighted works. I will hashtag these works with #BerniesJourneys and an appropriate theme hashtag for the work I am transcribing,

Thank You,

Dr. David McKinnon

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