Pain and stress relief is only the beginning of reclaiming your whole health

Achieve Whole Health


Welcome to Sustain Acupuncture 

At Sustain, we use a holistic approach and focus on caring for individual in addition to addressing specific health concerns. 

We work with people who experience pain, suffering, poor sleep, stress, anxiety, and other challenges interfering with quality of life.  

We capitalize on your strengths and introduce therapies and strategies that promote better health and wellbeing.


We specialize in:

  • Chronic Conditions and Chronic Pain

  • Acute Pain and Sports Injury 

  • Neuropathy and Neurological Conditions

  • Chronic Inflammation and Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • Reproductive Health for Men and Women 

  • Cancer Treatment Support

Go here to read more about the conditions we treat. 


The Whole Healthy

Pain and stress relief is only the beginning of total body wellness

Intervene in Pain and Stress

Stage 1: During the intervention, we work to reduce acute and chronic pain, relieve stress, and calm your nervous system.

  • This stage provides relief from symptoms

Correct the Cause

Stage 2: Acupuncture, myofascial therapy, herbal and nutritional therapies, and lifestyle modifications are used  to correct the  underlying causes.   

  • This stage  moves you to lasting relief and long-term health.

Maintain Your Health & Keep Moving

Stage 3: At this stage of care,  we focus on  adjusting goals and daily habits, and using acupuncture, nutrition and herbs to maintain your health.   


  • This stage keeps you on track and protect against future problems. 


Constance G

His service to military veterans is outstanding. His commitment to caring for and listening to military members is exemplary.  I have spent 3 years needing help and this is where I found it.

Wayne K

I highly recommend Dr. Dave to anyone who might be considering acupuncture. He has tons of experience which is a great plus but I think his natural ability to apply gentle pressure is something very special.

Susan N

Dr McKinnon is a very thorough, compassionate person who asks the right questions and makes you feel comfortable.  He has helped me with many issues.

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Services Offered

Conditions Treated 

Nutrition and Weight Management

Explore the benefits of nutrition and weight management:

  • A Functional Approach to Nutrition

  • Identify Physical and Emotional Needs and Create a Plan

  • Focus on Modifying Behavior

  • Be Empowered and Have an Accountability Partner

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