Fertility & Woman's Health

Fertility women health san diego

Treat gynecological conditions, support male and female fertility and maintain health at all stages of pregnancy.

Pain Management

Pain Management North Park

Treat the cause of your pain and get lasting relief through acupuncture and therapeutic massage.

Stress & Life Management

Lifestyle Stress Management Hillcrest

Work with an acupuncturist to change your lifestyle for weight loss, fatigue, anxiety, stress, insomnia or any other condition preventing you from enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Endocrine & Autoimmune

Endocrine & Autoimmune San Diego

Address chronic fatigue, body aches, pain, rashes, unexplained weight change or “mystery” symptoms with the use of acupuncture and herbal therapies.

Community supported acupuncture in San Diego

Sustain Community Acupuncture offers a peaceful setting and friendly professionals that will provide you with the very best in Traditional and Complimentary medicine. Serving San Diego since 2009 our licensed acupuncturists and massage therapists have an excellent record of success with patients and are here to create the optimal healing space for you.

Acupuncture is a medically recognized therapy for the resolution of pain, addressing fertility and woman’s health as well is aiding in the treatment of high blood pressure and hundreds of other conditions and diseases.

Sustain Community Acupuncture is an affordable solution for those seeking acupuncture in San Diego

At Sustain we believe in “wellness for all, naturally.” Our community based model allows us to offer the medicine at 1/3 the cost of many other clinics while providing the same or better care. We are also there for our patients by offering open clinic hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Let us provide affordable accessible care for you, your friends and family today.

New Patient Exam & Community Room Treatment: $50
Community Acupuncture Treatment: $35
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage: $75

Private rooms available for an additional fee
We accept all major insurances, work comp. and personal injury cases.

Wellness for all, naturally

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